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Just walking in, you feel transported to a different world. Vines everywhere, monkeys jumping from one liana to the next, parrots flying from the...

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170 Pakete! Das ist das fantastische Ergebnis unserer Weihnachtsaktion. Eltern und unsere Pädagogen in den Gruppen hatten gemeinsam mit den Minis...

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Viele schöne Nikolausfeiern konnten wir vergangene Woche in unseren Häusern feiern. Die einen haben sich über den Besuch des Nikolaus gefreut, manch...

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kommt alle aus dem (Mini-)Haus! Schnell waren die Kinder draußen im Garten bei uns in der Fürstenriederstraße 263 und bauten den allerersten und wohl...

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Ende Oktober wurde unser siebtes Minihaus feierlich eröffnet. Viele waren der Einladung gefolgt (auch wenn die Prinzessin von Bayern zum Bedauern...

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Die Waldtage des Kindergartens vom Minihaus - Bognerhof waren ein echtes Abenteuer. Da ging es über verschlungene Pfade, über Stock und Stein,...

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Die Schmetterlinge schlüpften aus ihren Kokons

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Minis aus der Menzingerstr. beschäftigen sich mit Naturmaterialien

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Die Minis aus der Fürstenriederstr. 267 bauen ein Schneckenhotel

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International Kids Campus und International Bilingual School Munich stellen sich vor

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Frequently asked questions

From what age can I register my child for a place at MINIHAUS München?

In the crèches and kindergartens of MINIHAUS München, we look after children from the age of 9 weeks until they start school. Our special qualities include a particularly gentle acclimatization period, a very caring atmosphere and a big heart for children. We look forward to welcoming your child!

Can I register my child at any time of the year?

Yes. Depending on the availability of places, your child can also start at Minihaus on the date you specify.

Can you only take children resident in Munich?

The funding regulations of the city of Munich mean that we are unfortunately unable to look after children resident outside the city. 

When can I have a look at the MINIHAUS München I’m interested in?

You are welcome to agree an individual viewing appointment with us – please use the contact options at the bottom of the page. We look forward to your visit and are confident we can satisfy your requirements.

Is it possible to modify the booked childcare period later?

Flexibility is one of our strengths. It goes without saying that the specified booked period can be modified if we have free capacity. We are also flexible at short notice - can’t pick up your child on time because an important appointment has come up? Talk to us!

Up to what age can children stay in the crèche?

Children born before 1st October stop being looked after in the crèche on 31st August of the calendar year in which they turn 3. Children born after 30th September can stay until 31st August of the calendar year in which they turn 4.

Can my child switch from the crèche to the kindergarten at Minihaus?

Our aim is to offer you high-quality care of your child from the crèche until he or she starts school and beyond. As a consequence, it goes without saying that it is possible to switch from the crèche to the kindergarten, assuming places are available. Please contact us in good time if you are interested in this option.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you are interested in a bilingual education for your child, the billingual kindergarten International Kids Campus (IKC), which we have maintained since 2015, provides the perfect boundary conditions, because equal proportions of German and English are spoken here, allowing your children to develop both languages in play.

To follow on from the kindergarten, our bilingual state-approved full-day primary school, the International Bilingual School Munich (IBSM) - in the same building as the IKC - will provide your child with a first-class school education and care from teachers who are native speakers of English and German.

How do you acclimatize children to MINIHAUS München?

Acclimatizing your children is especially important to us at MINIHAUS München, and we do it in line with the latest scientific knowledge. We want you and your child to have time to get used to the crèche/kindergarten in your own time, with us as gentle guides at your side. Depending on the age and developmental stage of your child, it generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to acclimatize to the crèche and 1 to 3 weeks to the kindergarten.

How many children are cared for in the groups?

Our crèches look after a maximum of 12 children per group and our kindergartens a maximum of 25 children per group.

What meals are available for children at MINIHAUS München?

Habits for life are set in childhood, especially where physical development and a balanced diet are concerned. This makes it a particular concern for us to guarantee children food of the highest biological quality and great taste. At MINIHAUS München, children are given breakfast, lunch, snacks between meals and, if necessary, a light supper.

We order our food from Gourmet – a first-class supplier of high-quality, delicious meals - and from Ökokiste, which guarantees fresh organic foods from ecologically-monitored agriculture.

Are there regular trips and parties?

Regular trips and parties are an important constituent of our educational concept. A trip to the zoo or Botanical Garden, an excursion to the museum, a visit to the fire station or the police or to a play – our activities under the heading “Minihaus on Tour” are varied and children find them exciting. We also love to celebrate with you and your children – whether birthdays, an atmospheric lantern festival in November, Christmas, Easter and a summer party with attractive interludes – there are many occasions for us to spend happy hours together. 

How do you collaborate and communicate with parents?

We consider good collaboration with you as parents a top priority. Yours is the primary and most important relationship for your child, and for us, you are the key partners in educating and bringing up your children. A close exchange with you based on trust is therefore a given for us. Whether we just have a quick word in passing, at regular development meetings, at parents’ evenings, at parties and on trips – we want to be in dialogue with you and the parents’ committee and together ensure that your child develops as well as he or she can.

It is especially important to us to keep you up to date with your child’s everyday routine at Minihaus in a variety of ways. We do this with regular, informative letters to parents, our fortnightly newsletter Mini Mail, which provides you with photos and short reports from your specific Minihaus, and Mini News which appears several times a year and contains interesting information from all seven Minihaus facilities. Notices outside the group rooms also give you a day-by-day update of the latest news.

Can I deduct the costs on my tax return?

According to the German law to simplify taxation, 4,000 Euros a year of childcare costs can currently be entered on your tax return as “special costs” (no liability accepted for accuracy of information provided). 


Our partners

MINIHAUS München has access to a broad range of skills with strong partners in the spheres of childcare and education. These include the Kinderhaus München (for special needs education) and the Arbeitskreis Legasthenie Bayern e.V. (for support with literacy and numeracy). Our bilingual facilities IKC and IBSM also provide strong partners in the educational sphere.

All these facilities have been working on children’s linguistic, intellectual, emotional and social development very successfully for decades.

The ongoing professional qualification of our staff takes place at our own training facility, the Bildungsakademie Feinschliff: research into the brain and into educational techniques comes up with new information almost daily, making it ever easier for us to understand how a child learns to comprehend its world. For education professionals, this means knowing and structuring these new facts, weighing up which of them it makes sense to include in the developmental process of children and how to achieve this.
Our in-house training academy Feinschliff imparts valuable professional knowledge to our teaching staff at regular intervals – among other areas in early-years education, team-building and leadership skills specifically for social professions. Our lecturers have many years’ experience of teaching and work experience both in their respective fields and in practice, and provide our staff with competent, professional training. Our in-service training provision is developed consistently from practice and adapted to suit the latest knowledge and requirements. You can thus be sure that your child will always be being looked after in accordance with the latest educational methods at Minihaus. 

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Arbeitskreis Legasthenie Bayern e.V.
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