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Dear Parents,

Looking for caring, high-quality childcare for your child? Want to be confident that your child will feel at home and secure, able to take pleasure in discovering the world? Then you’ve come to exactly the right place. For over 40 years, our major concern has been the support of families with children. We are convinced that professional commitment and a happy childhood are not mutually exclusive. This is why we offer you first-class childcare and a service which gives you maximum flexibility when combining children and a career. And if you want it, from crèche-age until your child finishes primary school.   



Our sites are:

Sendling-Westpark: Fürstenrieder Straße 263 and 267

Sendling-Westpark: Westendstraße 302 (near the Westpark)

Pasing-Obermenzing: Menzinger Straße 139

Thalkirchen-Obersendling: Tölzer Straße 2

Pasing: Pippinger Straße 22

Trudering: Truderinger Straße 293 (Bognerhof)

Other new MINIHAUS crèches and kindergartens are at the planning stage.

Our kindergartens and crèches provide a well above-average quality of childcare and work with a first-class, education-orientated concept with children’s basic needs as its focus. In our nursery, we pay attention to children’s individuality and give them the time they need to grow up. Children and their thirst for exploration and knowledge are at the centre of all we do.

With extra-long opening hours (7 am – 7 pm) at our locations in Munich* providing parents with maximum flexibility, our crèches and kindergartens offer children plenty of opportunities to discover the world through play. In the process, we consider it important to observe the children’s own rhythm, to give their imagination free rein and always to provide new, exciting areas for discovery. Our crèche and kindergarten staff sensitively support children as they take important developmental steps and acquire elementary learning experiences. Knowledge of English is communicated through play in everyday situations to educate the children bilingually.

You have to practise early if you want to make it big later: this is why our kindergartens offer concepts for early education in all the important spheres. Whether music and movement, language and literacy, art and creativity, nature and technology – every child gets a chance. “Learning” and preparation for primary school also get plenty of attention in our kindergarten. Our learning workshops address children’s curiosity and their thirst for exploration and teach important skills for learning.

Minihaus München has access to a broad range of skills with strong partners in childcare and education. In addition to the Kinderhaus München (for special needs education), these include the bilingual kindergarten International Kids Campus (IKC), the bilingual all-day primary school International Bilingual School Munich (IBSM), and the Arbeitskreis Legasthenie Bayern e.V. (for support with literacy and numeracy). All have been working on children’s linguistic, intellectual, emotional and social development very successfully for decades.

Our special concept: our staff attend ongoing training and courses in education at our in-house training academy. Their state of knowledge in childcare is thus always right up to date.

*Different opening times apply at our facilities in Fürstenrieder Straße.


Our philosophy


We are convinced that a happy childhood and career flexibility for parents are not mutually exclusive. A prerequisite for combining family and career is high-quality, flexible childcare which puts the needs of children and their parents at the centre of its activities. 

MINIHAUS München provides a first-class education and childcare with an educational focus to guarantee that

  • children feel secure and at home with us and have the time and space to develop healthily at their own pace.
  • parents can be confident that their children will be looked after by us with great care, experiencing an optimum education.

To achieve this, we give maximum priority to:

  • a crèche and kindergarten atmosphere which makes the children feel safe, warm and secure.
  • close collaboration with parents and the parents’ committee characterized by flexibility, trust, appreciation and competence.
  • modern educational principles and qualified, committed, motivated staff who undertake ongoing training and perform their work with care and competence in the service of children and parents.
  • a first-class concept of childcare focused on education which taps into children’s natural curiosity and their joy in play and sensitively supports them in their development.
  • boundary conditions which perfectly suit the parents’ requirements for reliability and flexibility.
  • supplementary services which perfectly complement children’s care and education and take the load off parents – such as skiing and swimming lessons, various workshops, speech therapy, children’s hairdresser, our photographer and more.*

*Our facilities in Fürstenrieder Straße are operated in line with the guidelines of the Münchner Förderformel and therefore offer different services.


Our educational model

in the crèche & kindergarten

Our educational model is based to a significant extent on the basic needs of children which are of fundamental importance for the early years:

  • the need for security, emotional stability, bonding and care.
  • the need to express curiosity through play, to explore, comprehend and understand the world.
  • the need to experience community and to share experiences with other people.

Using these basic needs as a starting point, we have developed an innovative educational nursery concept. It goes without saying that this concept draws heavily on the content of the Bavarian state education plan and ensures a high quality of both education and childcare.
Our aim is to support your child to the best of our ability so that he or she can develop into a self-confident, socially competent, life-affirming, happy personality with a love of learning. Our claim here is that we sensitively design early years’ educational, maturing and learning processes in our groups.

Our educational concept in crèche and kindergarten is based on forward-looking principles including those developed by Maria Montessori. In line with the motto “Help me to do it myself …” we specifically support the child to cover important developmental steps and experience basic learning at his or her own pace and in accord with his or her unique characteristics. This is the background against which we implement the focus of our educational activities to suit development and situation. It also includes promoting the learning of English through play in everyday situations.




The focus of our educational activities



Our aim is to give children warmth and security and to accompany them with great care as they explore the world. We implement the focal points of our educational activities below with a high level of sensitivity, extraordinary ideas, modern methodology and our enthusiasm for children:  

Development through trust: every child in our nursery receives a high level of individual, caring attention, sensitive care and age-appropriate provision. One trusted and attentive link person actively accompanies the child on its way and is always available as a “safe haven”.

At the child’s pace: we do not dictate the pace of development, the children do – every child at his or her own pace to suit his or her unique characteristics. We specifically take up stimuli, provide valuable suggestions and facilitate “educational” experiences and discoveries. At the same time, our daily routine ensures a healthy balance between rest and activity, excitement and relaxation.

“Do you speak English?”: we actively promote the learning of a second language by making it possible to experience English in the everyday routine. Songs, stories and guessing games develop skills in English through play. In this way, we facilitate the acquisition of valuable linguistic skills even at crèche and kindergarten stage.

Adventures in the world of movement: we consider exercise a key prerequisite for healthy development in the education of children, which is why we tap into children’s joy in movement in our daily routine and in a variety of projects. We have fun in movement games and rituals, explore width, height and depth through play and move to music, in sport, dance and rhythmic activitities.

Free rein to the imagination: we provide space and time to encourage children to give free rein to their imagination and creativity through play. Toy-free areas in every group, materials to awaken creativity together with stories and sounds to stimulate the imagination all promote the development of children’s talent and potential.

Projects to arouse curiosity: we tap into children’s curiosity, thirst for knowledge and need to explore in child-centred, exciting projects. Together, we open up new worlds, explore nature, experiment, let off steam, paint, make things and play with language and music. Our concept is to communicate valuable learning skills through play.

Islands inviting discovery: a smart room concept provides islands to encourage exploration, amazement and experimentation. For example, children can experience nature and technology, language, literature, movement and music in the different locations.

Independence: in the educational routine, times in which children are tied to “their” group alternate with times when they can seek out neighbouring groups and rooms as they like. In this way, we promote in our crèche a balance between the need to belong, a child’s need to explore and the requirement for a variety of social experiences.

“Minihaus On Tour...“: at regular intervals, we take the crèche on attractive trips and excursions. Whether this is the nearby adventure playground, Hellabrunn zoo or the butterflies in the Botanical Garden – there are countless ways of making a child’s eyes light up.


Our aim is to strengthen children’s personalities and encourage them to explore the world. With extraordinary ideas, a modern methodology and our enthusiasm for children, our nursery focuses on the educational activities below.

Development through trust: children need to feel safe and secure in order to be able to explore the world, research new things and expand their sphere of activity. One caring, sensitive and attentive link person accompanies the child on its development path and is available as a “safe haven”.

At the child’s pace: it is not we, the education staff in the kindergarten, who set the pace of development, but the children themselves – every child at his or her own pace to suit his or her unique characteristics. In our groups, we offer stimulating educational environments, tap into specific stimuli and communicate valuable experiences and discoveries. Our educational routine ensures a balance between rest and activity, excitement and relaxation.

Our workshops: children develop different interests, talents and inclinations. Our workshops offer every child lots of different opportunities to follow these up: creative painting, making things, crafts, music und movement, hands-on science, children’s theatre, the world of fairy tales, mini-circus and much more.

The science adventure: children want to get to the bottom of things, find connections, find out how the world “works”. In our daily routine, we carry out experiments closely related to life, exciting projects and educational excursions. Experts in practical and scientific matters show us the “wonders” of the world.

“Do you speak English?”: we actively promote the learning of a second language by making it possible to experience English in the everyday routine. In our “language workshop”, we communicate linguistic skills through play. In this way, we facilitate the acquisition of valuable language skills even at crèche and kindergarten stage.

Showing off art for little ones! Paints, glue, paper, fabrics and so on and so forth – children can develop their creative side with us however they choose to. We encourage, we make suggestions and we make space to show off art for little ones. Our exhibitions of their artwork will make more than just their parents proud.

Free rein to the imagination: dressing up, trying out roles, making up stories – children’s imagination is an important driver in their development. We offer children a wide variety of opportunities to give free rein to their imagination in the group routine, in projects and in workshops.

Our learning workshop: the natural curiosity of a child is the ideal prerequisite for positive learning experiences. In our “learning workshop” we specifically tap into a child’s natural curiosity. We put questions to the whole group, investigate connections and discover uncharted territory. In the process, we communicate important learning skills and thus lay the foundations for successful learning and provide perfect preparation for primary school.

Fit and active: exercise, an awareness of diet and a positive body image are essential for healthy development. In our routine and in our workshops, we have fun moving to music, in sport, in dance and in rhythmic activity. We pay attention to a healthy diet, take time to enjoy our food and to develop a positive body image. 

Strength comes from rest: children are increasingly exposed to more stimuli – time moves faster. As a result, we aim to stop and take stock every so often and to create islands of calm and relaxation. The aim of our nursery in doing so is to pass on to the children valuable strategies to enable them to concentrate and be attentive both internally and externally.

“Minihaus On Tour...“: our groups regularly go out together to explore the world around them. Whether a visit to the museum, to the police or fire station, a nature walk in the local wood, a visit to a play or an excursion to Hellabrunn zoo – all these get little explorers’ pulses racing.



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