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Our nursery schools & crèches | 8 locations in Munich

Get an idea of all our nursery schools & crèches in Munich. With our eight Minihaus nurseries in different districts of Munich, plus the International Kids Campus (IKC), we can offer you first-class, individual childcare and enough places. Are you looking for a child daycare centre really close to you? Get some inspiration and discover the perfect Minihaus for your child.

Our child daycare centres in Munich | The right environment for carefree growing up

Our nursery schools & crèches in Munich provide high-quality private nursery school and crèche places for your children across all locations. What is the special thing about our Minihaus nurseries? They are designed from the outset for children aged from nine weeks to six years. It was of particular importance to us when designing the various buildings of our day nurseries in Munich that they were not just suitable for children, but also built to satisfy requirements and to be safe for your children. As a result, we took various safety precautions, including an electronic access system, which only allows authorized persons access to our nurseries in Munich.

In addition to your children’s safety, which has top priority for us, we are also very concerned about the environment. We are therefore proud to state that almost all of our nursery schools & crèches are CO2-neutral, which makes them eco-friendly, too. This is made possible by, among other things, a highly efficient ventilation and heating system operated with groundwater and ground-source heat, which ensures controlled room ventilation as well as heat recovery. You don’t need to worry about your children, even when they are playing on the floor, as our underfloor heating provides pleasant, comfortable warmth.

Our gardens and the environmental awareness of our nursery schools & crèches in Munich

Children need plenty of exercise, as you know. And the best place to take this is in the fresh air and with the opportunity to observe and experience nature at first hand. We are therefore delighted to be able to provide your child with various attractive gardens at our nursery schools and crèches in Munich. Our great playground equipment, willow tepees and sandpits invite the children to let off steam, explore and play and have fun. In addition, our seven child daycare centres in Munich have all been awarded ‘ÖkoKids’ [EcoKids] certification. We obtained this certificate on the basis of our various educational eco projects in which the children’s environmental awareness and sustainable development skills are built up in the early years..

You have doubtless already realized that our nurseries in Munich are an outstanding environment to enable your child to grow up safely and without any worries. If you would like more information about our crèches & nursery schools, please feel free to contact us directly on +49 89 41 11 49 - 400 or by e-mail ( You will find more information about our daycare centres, such as our educational concepts, on the pages for our individual locations.

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