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Nursery school and creche in Munich's Freiham district

Our Minihaus at Marie-Luise-Jahn-Strasse 3 in Freiham | A paradise to grow in

Our crèche and nursery school in the Freiham district of Munich provide the ideal conditions for the development of children from eight weeks of age until they start school. High-quality crèche and nursery school places are aimed entirely at children’s wellbeing and combine play and relaxation with a variety of opportunities for learning and gaining new experiences.

The child daycare centre which is operated by Minihaus München is distinguished by its brand new and top-of-the-range facilities. A special aspect of its design is the focus on “movement“. In the multi-purpose room, the play halls and the outdoor areas a great variety of sports and movement elements invite children to exercise, play and let off steam. As part of encouraging movement we contribute to extending the children’s motor skills and provide age-appropriate stimuli for growth and development.

Professionally qualified and committed education staff guarantee the high quality of childcare. Our Feinschliff group training academy provides all our staff with the opportunity of attending high-quality in-service training events, allowing them to keep up with the latest research.

What parents say about Minihaus Freiham

“Far and away the best nursery we have ever come across. Genuine, well-trained teachers and attentive staff. You can have a chat any time, constructive criticism is welcomed and acted upon quickly. I’ve always waxed lyrical about this nursery in private - time to do so in public, for once.” (Nasim M. - Google)


Freiham day nursery | Loving, first-class care for a sustainable and well-balanced development

At our Freiham crèche we can offer you childcare from as early as eight weeks of age. Our nursery generally looks after children up to the age of six. Our three crèche groups generally consist of up to 12 children aged from eight weeks to three years each, and and our three nursery school groups welcome up to 25 children who are three to seven years old per group. 

In our groups we implement a special educational concept which specifically addresses children’s needs. In a caring atmosphere of security, warmth and safety, we ensure that your children can happily explore the world. Our aim is to give the children the best possible support in developing a personality characterized by self-confidence, social competence, a love of learning and cheerfulness.

Our childcare facility is perfectly located: in the immediate vicinity a playground and a spacious park can be found, offering opportunities for attractive outdoor activities. There is plenty of space for all the children to play and explore. The funding model under which Minihaus München Freiham operates means that contributions from families with children registered as residents of Munich can be set on a means-tested basis. In addition, a major benefit for many children and parents will be that it will normally no longer be necessary to switch location when transferring from crèche to nursery school.

Special features and key activities at our nursery in Freiham

Minihaus München | We have eco-certification

Our crèches and nursery schools in Munich have ÖkoKids certification and we are proud of this achievement! We received the „Ökokids“ [EcoKids] award in recognition of the various sustainability and eco projects implemented in our nursery schools & crèches in Munich.

The aim of our ÖkoKids projects is to awaken children to environmental protection and mitigation of climate change and to make them aware of sustainability issues. The interaction with the environment allows children to develop an appropriate relationship with nature, even in a big city. Projects already completed at our various Minihaus locations include children and staff creating their own herb gardens, building nesting sites and bug hotels and making their own compost.

Attractive gardens for our little ones

Children need plenty of exercise in the fresh air and the opportunity to experience nature at first hand. This makes us all the more delighted that we can provide the children with a very attractive outdoor area adjoining our Freiham nursery. A large sandpit, a play-tower with slide and balancing beam, a stream and a covered picknick area get every child’s pulse racing.  Children can while away carefree hours in a quiet location without any road noise here.

Additional features and key activities at our nursery in Freiham

Our nursery in Freiham | A great location for both children and their parents

Whether you come on foot, by car or by public transport - our Freiham child daycare centre is easy to reach for everyone. The nursery is very well linked to the local network of footpaths and bicycle paths and to public transport. For motorists there are sufficient parking spaces within walking distance. The entrance area of our nursery has plenty of space for parking prams and buggies. Bicycles can be parked in the bike parking area in front of our Minihaus.

Use the “online Rechner” [in German] to find out now whether you are eligible for a parents’ contribution allowance provided by the City of Munich’s Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe!!

More information about our Freiham crèche and nursery school


Means-tested monthly childcare charge [‘Betreuungspauschale’] for crèche places


Income in eurosUp to 4 hoursUp to 5 hoursUp to 6 hoursUp to 7 hoursUp to 8 hoursUp to 9 hoursOver 9 hours
Up to 50,0000 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €
Up to 60,00030 €38 €45 €53 €60 €68 €75 €
Up to 70,00043 €54 €65 €77 €88 €100 €111 €
Up to 80,00053 €68 €83 €97 €112 €127 €141 €
Over 80,00061 €78 €94 €111 €128 €145 €162 €

Monthly childcare charge for nursery school places

Attendance fees [‘Besuchsentgelte’] for children at nursery school or for children using a nursery school place in multi-age child daycare centres [Häuser für Kinder] are set on a sliding scale in line with the hours booked, to a maximum of 100 euros per month. Since this amount may be offset against the state allowance for children attending nursery school, attendance is actually free of charge, so no fee is charged for the children mentioned below.


Average care time per dayOver 3 up to 4 hoursOver 4 up to 5 hoursOver 5 up to 6 hoursOver 6 up to 7 hoursOver 7 up to 8 hoursOver 8 up to 9 hoursOver 9 hours
Monthly attendance fee (not means-tested)38 €48 €58 €69 €79 €90 €100 €
Actual attendance fee *0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €

* The actual monthly attendance fee is calculated by deducting the state allowance amounting to 100 euros. As a result, no attendance fees are payable at all, regardless of the level booked.

Opening hours for our Minihaus in Freiham

Monday to Friday 07:30 to 17:00


Days we are closed

We are closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays and two weeks during the summer holidays. There are also two days a year when the nursery is closed for educational staff planning days. We always give parents plenty of notice in writing of the actual days we are closed.

Click on the link below for an overview of our detailed educational concept for our Freiham crèche and nursery school.

Educational concept for our Minihaus at Marie-Luise-Jahn-Strasse Download (PDF)

Address of MINIHAUS Freiham

Marie-Luise-Jahn-Strasse 3
81249 Munich

General contact

Phone:  +49 89 41 11 49 - 400
Fax:       +49 89 41 11 49 - 499

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