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Private crèche & nursery school in Sendling-Westpark

Our Sendling-Westpark nursery at Westendstrasse 302, Munich

The idea had been around for a long time - now at last it’s come to fruition: in cooperation with the Albertinum out-of-school club, a Wittelsbach foundation in existence since 1574 and the oldest educational establishment in Munich, MINIHAUS München is providing high-quality places in crèches and nursery schools at Westendstrasse 302. This means that the Westpark educational campus, with five schools and an out-of-school club, now also has a first-class childcare offering for children aged from nine weeks to when they start school.

Our nursery in Sendling-Westpark is set up for four crèche groups and two nursery school groups. Our crèches usually accommodate up to 12 children in each group, aged from nine weeks to three years. Minis aged between three and six are in groups of up to 25 children. In these groups, your offspring receives caring and highly professional childcare with extra-long opening hours.

As parents, you can rely on the fact that at MINIHAUS München, your child has found a place to feel at home where he or she can grow up without a care. A benefit for many children and parents is that it will also be no longer necessary to switch organization when transferring from crèche to nursery school.

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What parents say about Minihaus Westpark

“I am completely satisfied with the care here. Teachers pay a great deal of attention and are very kind. There is continuous feedback about what has gone on during the day and conflict is handled skilfully. I think the range of play and artistic activities is very good. My son always enjoys lunch, too. The facilities themselves are just beautiful - the garden is big and there is a wide selection of toys. Overall, everything is great!” - (Vesna Z. - Google)


“Our daughter has been coming to this Minihaus nursery for almost two years. Crèche staff pay a lot of attention and are always happy to discuss educational issues. I particularly like the kindly approach to the children and the cooperation between the groups. Both our daughter and we ourselves feel very at home and in good hands. Even Granny, who picks up our little girl once a week, has a good relationship with the educational staff.” -(Cathi - Google)


“We are very happy with the care at Minihaus Westpark. Friendly teachers/staff, kind care, flexible pick-up times, large play areas and a wide variety of activities all mean that our son loves coming to crèche.” - (Cherylina W. - Google)


Impressions of and awards for our crèche & nursery school in Sendling-Westpark

Childcare centre close to the Westpark | We have ‘Ökokids’ certification

It is not only our childcare centre next to the Westpark in Munich which has ‘ÖkoKids’ [EcoKids] certification - all seven of our Minihaus nurseries in Munich have had it since 2019. Our child daycare centres received 'ÖkoKids' certification in recognition of their various sustainability and eco projects. Each Minihaus implements its own eco environmental project. An example of such projects is a herb garden which the little ones tend themselves, harvesting the produce to use for lunch. In another nursery, the youngsters have their own compost heap in the garden to observe at close quarters the journey from leaf to humus. These projects aim to increase the children’s environmental awareness and sustainable development skills.

A green world of experience in the middle of the big city

In addition to a child-friendly, high-quality interior, our crèche and nursery school in Sendling-Westpark also have a beautiful green space for letting off steam, exploring and having fun. Over 1000 square metres of outdoor space means we can give your children in our Minihaus in Westendstrasse enough space to enjoy the great outdoors without a care – right in the middle of the city!

Every child can indulge his or her need for exercise and take pleasure in exploring the fresh air in our extensive gardens with established trees - and experience nature at first hand. Whether playing creatively in large sandpits, honing skills on attractive playground equipment or playing cowboys and Indians in willow tepees, our nursery in Sendling-Westpark has something for every child, whether of crèche or nursery school age.

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Special services and key activities at our nursery in Sendling-Westpark

Our Westpark nursery | CO2-neutral, eco-friendly and secure

Of course we want to do more than promote and shape the environmental awareness of our youngsters - we also want to make an active contribution to setting a good example. Our crèche and nursery school premises have a highly efficient heating and ventilation system which facilitates controlled room ventilation and heat recovery. That’s not all, though - this sophisticated system works with groundwater and ground-source heat. To ensure that children in our nursery don’t get cold when playing on the floor, we run CO2-neutral underfloor heating entirely without fossil fuels. This ensures pleasant, comfortable warmth for a feeling of wellbeing.

We also give special priority to your children’s safety. A secure electronic access system ensures only authorized people can enter our nursery.

The ideal location for large and small

Our crèche and nursery school in Sendling-Westpark offer lots of benefits – and not just to your children. Our location provides various benefits for parents, too. An attractive environment, good transport links, plenty of parking – parents couldn’t ask for a better location for a day nursery. Minihaus München at Westendstrasse 302 is in a quiet, green environment – occupying a central location and yet well away from the road noise, hustle and bustle of the big city. The nursery is right next to the extensive Westpark site – a real paradise for children. It encourages exciting excursions, experience of nature, picnics in the meadow and much more besides.

If you have any questions about our nursery in Sendling-Westpark, you are more than welcome to contact us by telephone or mail.

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Use the “online Rechner” [in German] to find out now whether you are eligible for a parents’ contribution allowance provided by the City of Munich’s Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe!

More information about our crèche and nursery school in Sendling-Westpark



Crèche prices

Number of hoursContribution
4 - 5 hours710 euros
5 - 6 hours800 euros
6 - 7 hours880 euros
7 - 8 hours950 euros
8 - 9 hours1030 euros
9 - 10 hours1100 euros
Over 10 hours1150 euros


Nursery school prices

Number of hoursContributionContribution less childcare allowance
4 - 5 hours570 euros470 euros*
5 - 6 hours660 euros560 euros*
6 - 7 hours720 euros620 euros*
7 - 8 hours780 euros680 euros*
8 - 9 hours850 euros750 euros*
9 - 10 hours900 euros800 euros*
Over 10 hours990 euros890 euros*


* Childcare allowance
Childcare costs can be reduced by 100 euros a month if you apply for the Bavarian state’s Elternbeitragszuschuss [parents’ contribution allowance]. This allowance is available from 1 September of the calendar year in which the child turns three and is paid until he or she starts school.

All-inclusive price for meals
105 euros

One-off registration fee
390 euros

Annual service charge

250 euros

The service charge is levied annually and covers our administration costs. In order to relieve our nursery managers and education staff of the burden of time-consuming administration, we have moved it to our office, enabling staff to focus on their educational work with the children.

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Depending on family income, many parents can have some or all of their Elternbeitrag [parents' contribution] funded via the Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe [Youth Welfare Payments] provided by Youth Welfare Services. More information is available at: [in German]

We are happy to help with your application which can be completed online - no need for a visit to the welfare office. Just give us a call!

Opening hours for our Minihaus at Westendstrasse 302


Monday to Friday7:00 to 19:00


Days we are closed

We are closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays and two weeks during the summer holidays. There are also three days a year when the nursery is closed for educational staff planning days. We always give parents plenty of notice in writing of the actual days we are closed.

Click on the link below for an overview of our detailed educational concept for our nursery in Sendling-Westpark.

Educational concept Westendstr. 302 (PDF)

Address of our crèche & nursery school in Sendling-Westpark

Westendstr. 302

81377 Munich

General contact

Phone:  +49 89 41 11 49 - 400
Fax:       +49 89 41 11 49 - 499

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