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Sendling nursery

Our nursery school at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263

Our day nursery in Sendling, at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263, has 98 places designed for children aged from nine weeks to six years. These places are distributed among a total of four crèche groups with 12 places each and two nursery school groups, each with places for 25 children. Our Minihaus is located on the ground and first floors of an office building. Our two nursery school groups occupy the ground floor, whilst the four crèche groups are on the first floor. As in all our Minihaus nurseries, care was taken when designing the premises to ensure that they are built to a child-friendly design with facilities to suit requirements. We have also taken safety measures to protect children so as to be a step ahead of any invisible hazards. For more information about our facility, please see our Educational concept Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 (PDF).

We have ‘Ökokids’ certification

Our seven child daycare centres have had 'ÖkoKids' EcoKids] certification since 2019 as a result of their various sustainability and eco projects. At each Minihaus, the educational staff implement their own eco projects: one nursery might create a herb garden which the children tend and harvest to use for lunch, in another Minihaus, they build nesting sites and bug hotels, whilst in a third one, the children set up their own compost heap to enable them to observe at close quarters the journey from leaf to humus. The project aims to build up sustainable development skills in the early years sphere. With their natural curiosity and marked enthusiasm for research, children can acquire a sustainable attitude to life and a sense of responsibility for the environment through play.

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What parents say about Minihaus Sendling

Sendling 263 “Our child has been at FÜ263 in Sendling for 18 months and we are very happy indeed. Good communication, committed teachers and our little boy loves going there. Absolutely recommended!” - (Jonas E. - Google)


“My daughter (aged 2) has been at the Minihaus nursery in Fürstenriederstrasse since she was one year old, and I am delighted with my decision. As a working mother, it’s very important to me that my daughter feels safe and secure even when I am not around. The teachers are superbly qualified and incredibly committed. My daughter was very anxious for the first few weeks and kept wanting to go home, but the teachers looked after her with great kindness and after a little while, she even started wanting to go to nursery earlier to play - because it was too boring with Mum! The outside space, too, is a little piece of paradise and encourages the children to go out and play. These are the reasons why I can absolutely recommend the Minihaus nursery in Fürstenriederstrasse.” -(Sarah H. - Google)


“Minihaus München delivers excellent childcare for very young children. From the administration department to the teachers, from the nursery assistants to the food and all the way to the wide variety of activities, we know that our child could not be in better hands! TOP-CLASS facility!” - (Melanie M. - Google)


“Very kind staff! Super-lovely and so skilled! Large, beautiful garden with lots of play facilities. Simply fantastic!! Fabulous atmosphere.” - (Leela - Google)


Impressions of and awards for our Sendling nursery

An oasis for children – in the heart of Munich

Our Minihaus at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 provides high-quality private crèche and nursery school places for children aged from nine weeks to six years. In collaboration with our experienced team of architects we converted our nursery in Sendling to create an oasis for children in the heart of Munich. Its sophisticated layout provides islands to encourage exploration, design and experimentation, as well as relaxation.

Generously-proportioned, bright rooms designed specifically for children encourage them to feel at home. Large and small alike love the first-class interior design and high-quality play equipment.

n order to give the children lots of opportunities to explore, get to know one another and move about, we created secret accesses between the rooms, large double doors and a generously-proportioned play hall. Our beautifully-equipped washrooms have multifunctional uses – extra-large, child-level washbasins are ideal for entertaining games involving water, as well as exciting experiments.

An attractive garden

What use would an oasis be without a garden? We are delighted that our nursery at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 has very attractive gardens suitable for children. We have created a little paradise for our Minis in an absolutely quiet location well away from road noise. The children can move around in the fresh air here without a care and have the opportunity to experience nature at first hand. A large sandpit, willow tepees, a willow tunnel and great playground equipment get every child’s pulse racing. Our open space makes sure that the little ones get enough exercise and also encourages the children to let off steam, play, explore, have a game of hide and seek or just relax and enjoy nature. And in summer, we put up our brightly-coloured sunshades, splash around in the water and take it easy.

Use the “online Rechner” [in German] to find out now whether you are eligible for a parents’ contribution allowance provided by the City of Munich’s Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe!

More information about our Sendling nursery


Prices are valid from 01 September 2024


Crèche prices

Number of hoursContribution
4 - 5 hours570 euros
5 - 6 hours640 euros
6 - 7 hours700 euros
7 - 8 hours760 euros
8 - 9 hours820 euros
9 - 10 hours880 euros


Nursery school prices

Number of hoursContributionContribution less childcare allowance
4 - 5 hours460 euros360 euros*
5 - 6 hours530 euros430 euros*
6 - 7 hours580 euros480 euros*
7 - 8 hours625 euros525 euros*
8 - 9 hours675 euros575 euros*
9 - 10 hours725 euros625 euros*


* Childcare allowance
Childcare costs can be reduced by 100 euros a month if you apply for the Bavarian state’s Elternbeitragszuschuss [parents’ contribution allowance]. This allowance is available from 1 September of the calendar year in which the child turns three and is paid until he or she starts school.

All-inclusive price for meals            
85 euros

One-off registration fee
390 euros

Annual service charge

250 euros

The service charge is levied annually and covers our administration costs. In order to relieve our nursery managers and education staff of the burden of time-consuming administration, we have moved it to our office, enabling staff to focus on their educational work with the children.

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Depending on family income, many parents can have some or all of their Elternbeitrag [parents' contribution] funded via the Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe [Youth Welfare Payments] provided by Youth Welfare Services. More information is available at: [in German]

We are happy to help with your application which can be completed online - no need to visit the welfare office. Just give us a call!

Opening hours for our Minihaus at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263


Monday to Thursday07:30 to 17:00
Friday07:30 to 16:00


Days we are closed

We are closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays, three weeks during the summer holidays and on two days between public holidays and weekends. There are also three days a year when the nursery is closed for educational staff planning days. We always give parents plenty of notice in writing of the actual days we are closed.

Click on the link below for an overview of our detailed educational concept for our Sendling nursery.

Educational concept Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 (PDF)

Our nurseries at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 & 267 have been participating in the Münchner Förderformel since 1 January 2016. This participation will end on 31 August 2024.

Address of our Sendling crèche

Fürstenrieder Strasse 263

81377 Munich

General contact

Phone:  +49 89 41 11 49 - 400
Fax:       +49 89 41 11 49 - 499

Co-funded by the Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich, capital of Bavaria, until 31 August 2024

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Get to know our Minihaus

We show our nursery at Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 in Sendling

Morning yoga circle in our Sendling nursery

Children at Minihaus München Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 carry out experiments

Children at Minihaus München Sendling make advent wreaths