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The animals are back at the Bognerhof

Our Minihaus ‘Bognerhof’ in Munich’s Trudering district is undoubtedly a gem with an impressive history: for a long time it led a sad existence as one of the last historic farmhouses in Munich. In the middle of Trudering, the 1300-year-old listed building seemed destined to fall to pieces eventually. A few years ago MINIHAUS München restored it to new splendour and life by turning it into a nursery. In agreement with the office for the protection of historic monuments, the Bognerhof was restored and returned to its original character. An idyllic place, a historic farmhouse with a beautiful farm garden right outside it, thus grew up in the very centre of Trudering. And thanks to our paintress the animals have returned to the Bognerhof, too: cows, pigs, horses, chickens, ducks, goats and sheep now live under the same roof as our Minis.

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