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New top result for Christmas initiative

310 parcels were collected as part of this year’s Minihaus Christmas initiative for children of the Münchner Tafel.

Little Minis in the vast space of Munich’s wholesale market: last Friday eight Minis from Minihaus München Tölzer Straße acted as representatives for all Minis of the seven Minihaus locations when they handed over Christmas presents for families in need to the Münchner Tafel charity. In this year’s ‘Weihnachten für Kinder der Münchner Tafel’ initiative a total of 310 parcels were collected, which the Tafel distributed over the weekend. Parents, children and staff at the seven Minihaus locations industriously collected and packed the gifts and decorated them for Christmas. Thanks to their commitment and their donations, children in families who are less well off will find great presents under their Christmas tree, too.

This is already the fourth time Minihaus München has run its „Weihnachten für Kinder der Münchner Tafel“ initiative. This year's 310 parcels for Christmas were a further improvement on the excellent result of 268 parcels donated last year. The need for help for families in Munich has grown, said spokesman Gregor Tschung, who welcomed the Minis at the offices of the Münchner Tafel. Therefore the Tafel is very grateful for donations like those by Minihaus München, since they allow the Tafel to give as many children as possible a merry Christmas.

In Munich about 20 000 people in need depend on food distributed by the Münchner Tafel e.V. food bank. Those in need include several thousand children, who do not only lack food but many other things as well, such as school stationary, toys, books etc. Via 27 distribution centres all over Munich the Münchner Tafel ensures that families in need have enough to eat. Each week the 650 volunteers distribute an incredible 120 tonnes of food. (ks)

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