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Carnival at MINIHAUS München

Plenty of activity in the groups at the various Minihaus locations during the last couple of days: time for carnival parties!

Everybody had a whale of a time at our Minihaus carnival parties. Wearing colourful fancy dress and make-up, large & small Minis dived into the crowd and really let it rip.

We were dead impressed with the costumes. From growling tigers, charming ice princesses, cheeky witches, cute bees and brave superheroes to enchanting unicorns and wise Red Indians, every costume you could imagine was present.

During a hearty breakfast the children had the opportunity to admire each other. Then there were face painting, balloon dancing, and the photo shoot, of course. Scrumptious jam doughnuts partway through the morning helped bring back everybody’s energy – it simply wouldn’t be carnival without doughnuts!

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