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Our Four-legged Friends

... visited the Minihaus in Fürstenrieder Straße again, and the “minis“ were very excited. But which is the best way to approach a dog? How do I say “hello” to a dog? What should I not do with a dog?
The human&dog teams from Helfer auf vier Pfoten visit kindergartens to answer these questions for children who grow up without a dog of their own and to teach children the correct way to handle dogs. Guided by the volunteers the children learn about mutually respectful relationships between two-legged and four-legged beings. The children find out about the character and the skills dogs have, they learn to follow certain rules when dealing with dogs and to understand the ways dogs react.

Suspense rose when the dogs had to complete two tasks: first they had to find a treat which was hidden in a wooden box with drawers and flap lids.
Then the children hid a cuddly toy in the room. This, however, was found very quickly by Sammy, the rescue dog, who has already completed many assignments finding missing persons.

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