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A visit to the teddy bear hospital

What do you do if your teddy bear is sick?


A group of medical, dental and pharmacy students at Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-University / Technical University set up the Teddy Bear Hospital project to help children lose their fear of visits to the doctor through play. As “parents“ of their cuddly toy the children were able to find out what it is like at the hospital. The medical students are the “teddy doctors“ here and do this very professionally.

The “minis” from MINIHAUS München-Bognerhof started by registering their cuddly toys. They then spent a short time in the waiting room where a “doctor” came to call for each child individually. Depending on the "patient’s" disease, Teddy and his friends were examined, vaccinated, x-rayed or underwent an operation. Using a prescription the “minis” finally picked up the right medicine for their little darlings at the "pharmacy".

Many thanks to the teddy doctors for their great commitment! The next visit to the doctor will be a lot easier for our “minis”.  




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