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Children and tidying up

Children and keeping things tidy - everybody knows that these two do not go together. Children drop everything where they last used it, and there it will stay. At this point their parents' sense of order kicks in, we ask, we remind, we scold and in the end quite often we are the ones who tidy everything away because we want to escape the demoralising discussions. At which point do children develop a sense of order?

> Not until the new toy car has been stepped on and crushed will he/she realise that the floor is not a good place for breakables.

> Not until he/she has stepped on a stray Lego brick when going to the bathroom at night will he/she at least clear a lane from the bed to the door every evening.

> Not until no more crayons, no more fitting jigsaw pieces, no more dresses for the doll can be found will he/she realise that things need to be sorted into categories.

Our Minis decided that they did not want to let it come to that ... and tidied up.

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