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New Year Events at MINIHAUS München

Lila Minis from Fürstenrieder Straße visited the Minihaus offices as part of the New Year Events at our facilities.

The New Year Events at MINIHAUS München are an activity which takes in the first weeks of each new year. At the start of the year the Minis at our seven facilities, together with their nursery teachers and nurses, always think up a special project as a good start to the year. These New Year activities can be quite different in each facility and group. Some celebrate in the group, sometimes with the parents, or for the parents. Minis from Fürstenrieder Straße, for example, created a wish tree. Parents can thus pick up the pretty hearts and stars when they drop off or collect their children, and put up the decorations at home. They all have a saying or a wish for the parents attached.

This year, the Lila Minis from Fürstenrieder Straße even had the idea of doing something nice for the staff at the Minihaus offices and wishing them luck for the year. And thus the children and their nursery teachers and nurses and the deputy facility manager went to the offices nearby to present staff there with a clover leaf and pendant they crafted, and a saying. Staff were very enthusiastic about the visit of the little guests from next door.

Thank you, Lila Minis!

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