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Eighth Minihaus opens in Freiham

Last Tuesday saw the opening of our eighth MINIHAUS in the Freiham district of Munich.

MINIHAUS München has opened its eighth facility in Freiham. This location has a very special feature: “It makes us a player in the newly-created district of Freiham – one of the largest urban construction projects in Europe”, explains Günther Hanel, Head of Education at Minihaus München. “It means that we too are in construction, building childcare here.”

Hanel says that another new feature for MINIHAUS München is the funding model in which the city of Munich owns the building, but provides it rent-free and commissions MINIHAUS to run the childcare operation. However, the city of Munich determines the statutes and the schedule of fees.

MINIHAUS in Freiham has a total of three nursery school groups and three crèche groups. “This means childcare places for some 110 children”, Martina Högl, who heads up the new facility, is delighted to report. “We are starting out by acclimatizing one group each in the nursery school and the crèche”, explains the teacher. The other groups will be moving into the spacious, light-filled rooms in November 2022 and then in Spring 2023.

The children are bound to find the large sports hall integrated in the building a highlight, which explains why MINIHAUS Freiham will focus on “movement”. What is more, a large connecting room between the crèche and nursery school areas will enable both groups to collaborate better. Martina Högl is sure that it will be a very positive experience for both groups of children to have close links with the other (age) group. “It will also make it easier for children in the crèche to transfer to nursery school.” (jh)

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