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Happy faces at Pippinger Straße

Nursery nurse Yasemin Kara started at MINIHAUS München at the beginning of the year and brought in reinforcements straight away!

Every reason to smile this week for Merve Simsek (centre) und Yasemin Kara at Pippinger Straße: Head of Education Silvia Wick (left) presented the two nursery nurses with a new iPad Mini. Yasemin Kara joined us at MINIHAUS München at the beginning of the year, und she likes the place and the working climate so much that she recruited a new member of staff straight away: Merve Simsek.

At MINIHAUS München, this type of recruitment initiative is always profitable for both parties: both the recruiter and the new member of staff receive a non-cash bonus. They have the choice of an iPad Mini, a Bose Bluetooth loudspeaker or a Kindle eReader. Merve Simsek and Yasemin Kara both opted for an iPad Mini.

And of course we benefit, too: we get great, committed new members of staff. Enjoy your job here and your new iPad Mini!

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