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If friends become colleagues

There are several reasons why working at MINIHAUS München is worth your while. Here is yet another one...

Jessica Lau has been working at MINIHAUS München Pippinger Straße as a nursery teacher for several years. She enjoys working there, so much so that she recently alerted a friend to a vacancy at MINIHAUS München. Jasmyn Kara joined the team at Pippinger Straße at the beginning of the year and is very happy.

Both parties benefit in this recruitment initiative: at MINIHAUS München, both the recruiter and the new member of staff receive a non-cash bonus. Both parties have the choice of an iPad Mini, a Bose Bluetooth loudspeaker or a Kindle eReader. Jasmyn Kara and Jessica Lau both opted for an iPad Mini.

Enjoy your rewards and many thanks for getting involved!

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