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Our ideas and activities for you at home!

To stop you getting bored at home and to make sure that you are always completely up to date with what we are doing.

If you are missing us:


We are now livestreaming our Minihaus morning circle for you on Facebook and Instagram at 10 am every Tuesday and Thursday! 

We will be singing, painting and doing lots of other great things – you are welcome to come along and join in online! 


If you want to join in with our great activities even though you have to stay at home : 




For everything you need to know about the prohibition of entry and the current situation affecting Minihaus: 


On 31 March, the Department of Education and Sports of the City of Munich informed us that employees in employment agencies and job centres have been classified as key workers with immediate effect.
This means that their children are exempted from the regulations covering prohibition of entry to nurseries and schools and can therefore take up emergency childcare in our Minihaus nurseries as long as they satisfy the other requirements

The following key jobs in employment administration are relevant:

  • advice on and provision of reduced-hours employment benefit [Kurzarbeitergeld]
  • advice on and provision of basic social security payments [SGB II]
  • advice on and provision of unemployment benefit [ALG I]
  • advice on and provision of low-income child benefit

If you wish to take up emergency childcare at Minihaus München on the basis of these new provisions, please e-mail us the specific times you require childcare at or call 089-41 11 49 400 (Ms Veth and Ms Borbely, available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm).

At the same time, would you please fill in the attached form (“Erklärung zur Berechtigung zu einer Kinderbetreuung im Ausnahmefall” [Declaration of entitlement to childcare due to exemption]) and hand it in at your local Minihaus. The relevant hard copies are also obtainable from your local Minihaus or we can send you them by post if you like.

Thank you for your co-operation; we are happy to answer questions at any time.


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