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Seven Minihaus nurseries and the IKC win the EcoKids award again

For the fourth successive time, seven Minihaus nurseries have received the “EcoKids” award.

The International Kids Campus, also part of the group of companies, was successful for a second time.

The awards ceremony took place today at the Ökologisches Bildungszentrum [Munich Ecological Education Center] in Bogenhausen. As the 2021 ceremony had to be online due to the pandemic, the organizers decided to hold this year’s event outdoors, enabling the certificates to be awarded here in Munich today in glorious weather.

As well as certificates, the winning nurseries also received the now obligatory “2022” pendant for the EcoKids sign which appears on every nursery and a set of cards for identifying insects in the garden.

Environmental protection and education have been set topics in our Minihaus nursery routines for years now, so the Minihaus nurseries and the IKC will be taking part again in 2023 – with reinforcements this time, as they will be joined by the eighth Minihaus nursery, in the Freiham district of Munich, next year!

The aim of the “ÖkoKids – KindertageseinRICHTUNG NACHHALTIGKEIT” [EcoKids Nursery for Sustainability] project of the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V. [Bavarian Regional Association for the Protection of Birds] is to raise the environmental awareness of even the youngest children in crèches and nursery schools. (ks)

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