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Successful Boys’Day 2022 at MINIHAUS

Lots of male students gained practical experience in our nurseries on Boys'Day.

We took part in Boys’Day 2022! We welcomed to all our Minihaus nurseries and to some of our Kinderhaus facilities interested youngsters who wanted a taste of the routine of a nursery teacher or nursery assistant. The boys were part of our educational teams and helped look after the children for the whole morning: making breakfast, reading aloud, playing in the garden or helping out with the numerous activities. However, this was not just about giving our nursery children a good time – but also about discovering what it means to take on responsibility for the children entrusted to our care and how the MINIHAUS concept can be implemented in the educational routine.

At MINIHAUS Westpark, Jakob was one of three male students gaining practical experience with a crèche group for the morning as part of this campaign. The 13 year-old decided to visit MINIHAUS at very short notice, but he was very sure of one thing: he wanted to visit a nursery. He loved looking after the children and who knows? Maybe he will become one of the few male nursery teachers/nursery assistants of the future.

The Boys’Day is intended to give boys an insight into careers pursued predominantly by women. There has long been a Girls’Day, but the first nationwide Boys’Day only took place in 2011, though it is becoming more and more popular. MINIHAUS took part in Boys’Day for the first time in 2019.

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