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Little artistes at “Funkelstern” circus

Nursery children from Minihaus München are taking part in a week-long circus project

Since Monday, the nursery school children from Minihaus München Fürstenrieder Strasse 263 have been going to Max-Lebsche-Platz every morning. That is where an exciting circus project is happening all week, specifically for the Minihaus kids. They are supported by their educators and five circus professionals from Roberto's Children's Circus. Over the past weeks educators and children prepared for this and looked at the circus as a topic. In a joint children’s conferences the children of the Red and Orange groups democratically decided to name their circus “Zirkus Funkelstern“ [“Twinkly Star Circus”].

Now our great and small acrobats, tightrope walkers and jugglers are putting lots of joy and ambition into their work. During the first two days the children tested themselves, found out about their interests and strengths at all stations, succumbed to the magic of the circus and enjoyed lots of big and small moments of success. We watched children overcome their fear of the unknown and surpass themselves at the trapeze, for example, while other children were ever so pleased that their friends had learnt something new, and there were happy, slightly dusty and sweaty faces all round.

Today (Wednesday) all children chose their definitive activity (e.g. tightrope walking, trapeze, etc.). Here they will spend the remaining time practising and learning tricks for the big show on Saturday when the circus tent will be welcoming parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, neighbours, and all the friends who want to come and watch the show. There will be popcorn, snacks, drinks - and lots of happy and proud Minis and parents! (nk/ks)

Step right up for a great show!!

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