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Pasing private crèche and nursery school

Carefree growing up in our nursery in Pasing

Without a doubt, parents want an attractive place where their child feels at home and can grow and develop under ideal conditions. Our crèche and nursery school in Pasing is just such a place; this high-quality new-build in Pippinger Strasse was designed especially for the requirements of toddlers and preschool children. With six groups in the crèche and two in the nursery school, Minihaus provides outstanding childcare from crèche-age until children start school. Group sizes are manageable, crèche groups generally accommodating up to 12 children aged from nine weeks to three years. In our nursery school groups, the number of children is limited to 25. Within the groups, the children’s ages range from three to six.

Highly-qualified education professionals are committed to the well-being and individual support of your children at our nursery. In an atmosphere of security, warmth and safety, we make every effort to ensure that your little ones happily discover the world, developing a love of learning, self-confidence, social competence and their own personality in the process.

Explore and experiment at Pasing nursery

At Minihaus München in Pippinger Strasse, we want to pique the children’s natural inquisitiveness! Youngsters can carry out experiments and discover the world in their very own Scientists’ House. We observe and marvel at phenomena in nature, mathematics and technology. Exploration is integrated into our everyday routine, since even the garden is full of wonders for the children to discover. In addition our educators regularly take continuous  education courses to explore the world of maths, information science, natural sciences and technology with the children and to enable the children to behave environmetally responsibly. For this we were certified by the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" foundation in Munich.


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What parents say about Minihaus Pasing

“We are very happy! A wide range of activities and the children are looked after with sensitivity, kindness and an individual approach. Contact with the care team is very pleasant; we appreciate the daily feedback on how our child’s day has been.” - (Stefanie D. - Google)


“Very kind nursery staff, good communication and transparency about what your child is doing all day. There is a wide range of activities, they are outside a lot when the weather is nice enough ... so I’m very happy; when she is old enough, I will have no qualms about also putting my second daughter in the care of this nursery.” -(Susanne M. - Google)


"Lovely Kita, very professional staff. Our three months old daughter has been taken very good care of. Highly recommended." - (Y. - Google)


Pasing crèche & nursery school | Impressions and awards

Our Pasing nursery | Great place, healthy indoor climate

Inspired by our enthusiastic commitment to children, we collaborated with our experienced team of architects to design a Minihaus in Pippinger Strasse which more than meets the latest educational and ecological standards. The generously-proportioned rooms of the crèche and nursery school in Pasing are flooded with light and have a view to the green outdoors and the River Würm flowing by. In designing the space, we paid particular attention to high-quality interior furnishing to create a cosy, friendly atmosphere for our children tailored specifically to their development needs. When building the nursery in Pasing, as in all our Minihaus premises in Munich we focused on using ecologically safe materials and coatings.

CO2-neutral, eco-friendly and secure

We also care about the environment and ensure it is taken into account. After all, the values we demonstrate and communicate to the children will help build the ecological awareness of the future. To that end, our crèche and nursery school in Pasing was fitted with a highly efficient heating and ventilation system which includes controlled room ventilation and heat recovery and is operated with eco-friendly geothermal and solar energy. As a result we achieve a pleasant, CO2-neutral ambient atmosphere without using any fossil fuels at all. The underfloor heating, which runs on ground-source heat, provides comfortable warmth to make sure the youngsters won’t get cold when playing on the floor of their Pasing nursery. The high-quality interior design also convinces with its high-value educational materials.

Even more important to us than the eco-friendly measures already mentioned is your children’s security in our Pasing nursery. This is a particularly high priority. As a consequence, an electronically-secured access system ensures that only authorized persons gain access to our nursery.


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Special services and key activities at our nursery in Pasing

Pasing nursery | We have ‘Ökokids’ certification

Our seven child daycare centres in Munich have had ‘Ökokids’ [EcoKids] certification since 2019. This was awarded on the basis of the variety of sustainability and eco projects in our nurseries. Each of our Munich locations implements its own educational eco project. In one nursery, for example, the children build nesting sites and bug hotels so that they can experience nature close-up. At another nursery, education staff help the children look after their own herb garden. As soon as the herbs are ready to harvest, the children pick them to create a delicious lunch. The basic aim of our various projects is to foster and increase the children’s sustainable development skills in the early years sphere. Their natural curiosity and marked enthusiasm for research mean youngsters acquire a sustainable attitude to life and a sense of responsibility for the environment through play.

A garden paradise right by the river

We offer children at our crèche and nursery in Pasing a considerable outdoor space for exploring and letting off steam. The extensive gardens include more than 1300 square metres of open space and have established trees. The nursery is directly on the banks of the Würm – enclosed by a safe fence, of course. It goes without saying that our education professionals always have an eye on your children so you have no need to worry. A large sandpit, an ‘adventure hill’ with a slide and exciting play equipment encourage playing and having fun. Little Indians explore the world in the willow tunnel and enjoy retiring to the willow tepees. In the summer, we play and splash around under colourful awnings, whilst in winter, we build snowmen. And the little scientists even have their own Scientists’ House in the garden where they can experiment, investigate and research to their hearts’ content. In short, it’s certainly never boring at our Minihaus in Pippinger Strasse in Pasing and our children want for nothing. If you have any questions about our Pasing nursery, you are more than welcome to contact us by telephone or mail.

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Use the “online Rechner” [in German] to find out now whether you are eligible for a parents’ contribution allowance provided by the City of Munich’s Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe!

More information about our Pasing nursery



Crèche prices

Number of hoursContribution
4 - 5 hours710 euros
5 - 6 hours800 euros
6 - 7 hours880 euros
7 - 8 hours950 euros
8 - 9 hours1030 euros
9 - 10 hours1100 euros
Over 10 hours1150 euros


Nursery school prices

Number of hoursContributionContribution less childcare allowance
4 - 5 hours570 euros470 euros*
5 - 6 hours660 euros560 euros*
6 - 7 hours720 euros620 euros*
7 - 8 hours780 euros680 euros*
8 - 9 hours850 euros750 euros*
9 - 10 hours900 euros800 euros*
Over 10 hours990 euros890 euros*


* Childcare allowance
Childcare costs can be reduced by 100 euros a month if you apply for the Bavarian state’s Elternbeitragszuschuss [parents’ contribution allowance]. This allowance is available from 1 September of the calendar year in which the child turns three and is paid until he or she starts school.

All-inclusive price for meals
105 euros

One-off registration fee
390 euros

Annual service charge

250 euros

The service charge is levied annually and covers our administration costs. In order to relieve our nursery managers and education staff of the burden of time-consuming administration, we have moved it to our office, enabling staff to focus on their educational work with the children.

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Depending on family income, many parents can have some or all of their Elternbeitrag [parents' contribution] funded via the Wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe [Youth Welfare Payments] provided by Youth Welfare Services. More information is available at: [in German]

We are happy to help with your application which can be completed online - no need for a visit to the welfare office. Just give us a call!

Opening hours for our Minihaus at Westendstrasse 302


Monday to Friday7:00 to 19:00


Days we are closed

We are closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays and two weeks during the summer holidays. There are also three days a year when the nursery is closed for educational staff planning days. We always give parents plenty of notice in writing of the actual days we are closed.

Click on the link below for an overview of our detailed educational concept for our nursery in Pasing.

Educational concept Pippinger Strasse 22 (PDF)

Address of our crèche & nursery school in Pasing

Pippinger Straße 22

81245 Munich

General contact

Phone:  +49 89 41 11 49 - 400
Fax:       +49 89 41 11 49 - 499

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